Christmas Campaign.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift that Gives Back!

Your gift this year will help Chatham-Kent children with special needs reach their full potential.

Since the Pandemic began in March, the staff at the Children’s Treatment Centre quickly shifted to providing virtual services. Helping our kids to continue to have a safe and reliable place to call home. Since June, Staff have been providing in-person services first to high risk and urgent needs clients, and they continue to expand depending on the child.

One in every 5 local children benefit from therapy of some kind from the CTC-CK, including Oakley.

One of the highlights of our days before COVID-19 was seeing Oakley and her family visit the Centre. Oakley was often seen zooming around in her Bella’s Bumba, hand-built wheelchair. In March, she was due for her first wheelchair and was to be fitted at the Centre. Staff quickly decided she couldn’t wait, and delivered her chair to her home to be fitted there. Stories like this inspire us…  To see how our staff have gone above and beyond during these hard and unknown times.

That is why we need YOUR HELP!

Every Gift Makes an Impact

YOU can help our families NOW more than ever get the services and therapies that our kids need.

COVID-19 has proven to be challenging, even more so with having a child at home with specialized needs. It is critical that our kids continue to receive assessment and treatment and the best care possible when they need it most. Your support means families continue to receive connection, comfort and support by accessing these services.

Your donation will make a positive change to the lives of our children.

Not all services at the Children’s Treatment Centre are covered by government funding. Programs like Social Work, Therapeutic Recreation Services and Music Therapy are all funded by the CTC Foundation. We need your help to continue to fund these programs during these difficult times.

To make a donation to the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation please complete the online donation form, or call 519-354-0520 ext 266.

Thank-you for helping our kids,

Mike Genge,
President, Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent