Meet Bentley

In 2016 at 8 months old, Bentley was diagnosed with MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome, a rare, progressive neurological disorder that primarily affects boys. Most people with this condition have low muscle tone in infancy, feeding difficulties, poor or absent speech, seizures that may not improve with treatment, delayed development of motor skills such as sitting and walking.

“We were told our son Bentley would never walk or talk when he was diagnosed with MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome,” says Amanda Hann, parent of CTC-CK client. “This past summer he was using the gait sling tracking at the Centre during his physiotherapy sessions and quickly progressed to walking with two hands held and weight bearing. We are so happy with the progression.”

The physiotherapy program Bentley uses at the CTC-CK was in need of an upgraded Parallel bar system that was adjustable in height and width. The Plasman Group from Tilbury approached the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation in the summer to see what one of the greatest needs were at the time and decided to donate the parallel bars. This piece of upgraded equipment will help children like Bentley who use the physiotherapy services at the CTC-CK learn to walk. 

Today, Bentley has come a long way. Not only is he able to walk assisted with two hands held, he is also able to communicate with cards. He is able to let his family know his food choices, if he’d like to play on his iPad and a variety of other things. An amazing story of Bentley’s journey from diagnosis.

Thank you to the team at the Plasman Group for their donation. Children who use the physiotherapy services at the Centre will benefit from their gift for many years to come.