About the Foundation.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent in the community and, by doing so, raise the necessary funds to enhance its long term financial sustainability, ensuring children and youth from across the region continue to receive the therapy services they require.

Our Core Values

We value respect, commitment, passion, integrity, stewardship and accountability.

Your donations to the CTC-CK Foundation are vitally important to support ongoing operations of the Children’s Treatment Centre.

The Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent, works to raise community awareness and funds for the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent (CTC-CK). Although the CTC-CK has a funding partnership with the Government of Ontario, most notably the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, this funding does not cover all needs. The CTC-CK Foundation must generate about 10% of the CTC-CK’s annual costs through fundraising. 

For over 70 years, the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent has provided quality care and therapy to children from birth through age 21, who have physical, developmental, or communication challenges. These services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, autism services, audiology, social work, respite, music therapy, and a variety of adapted recreational programs.

The Foundation's President

As a father of two, I believe there is nothing more important than giving support to your kids on their journey through life. Every child is faced with challenges and it’s how we adults help them deal with these challenges that shapes a child’s future.

At the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent, I am very lucky to work with a group of people that love giving every day. They give with smiles, gentle words of encouragement, valuable skill and, most importantly, with love.

The Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent is a very unique place that gives local children a stronger future. If you are curious about the work we do here, please call me. I would love to give you a tour and show you where miracles happen.

Mike Genge, President
T: 519-354-0520 ext. 266  C: 519-437-0242