October 2023.

Let's Take AACtion
AAC Campaign - October, 2023

Support our participants as they take part in the Let's Take AACtion Challenge during the month of October!

The challenge consists of spending 24-hours without the use of verbal speech and instead using an AAC application to communicate with others. The goal of this challenge is to try to experience communicating with AAC in your everyday life and in your community to understand the obstacles.

All participants share their experiences using an AAC device on our Facebook page “Let's Take AACtion”, where our community members can learn, ask questions and interact with the adventure. By reflecting before, during and after the challenge, participants are able to start gaining a better understanding and become more mindful of ways to promote inclusivity in our community for these individuals.

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YOU can help our children, youth and their families find ways to communicate. 

The campaign is also used to fundraise for the speech and language department at the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent, where many children learn and develop their abilities with AAC devices to communicate with others in their family and community. To date, this campaign has raised over $4200, which helps provide services for children in our community. 

Your support will make a positive change to the lives of our children. Thank-you for supporting this initiative and look forward to having you join us in learning more about AAC!

How was the Let's Take ACCtion Challenge developed?

Let's Take ACCtion is an awareness campaign that began in 2019 by Kaitlyn Smoke to try to understand the challenges faced by augmentative and alternative (AAC) users by using it for 24-hours. The challenge was inspired by a desire to understand the challenges faced by her sister Alyson, who uses head switches to communicate with others. It was also inspired by other 24-hour AAC challenges, including 10-year-old Emma who shared her experiences on YouTube .The campaign and challenge takes place annually in October to align with AAC Awareness Month. 

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