Meet Stasyia

Shine a light on exceptional children like Stasyia. Make an impact, donate today! “Imagine the difference we can make together. Stasyia’s journey of recovery and growth, her current joys and future prospects, have been shaped by the generosity of people like you. It’s about giving children the chance to live their best lives,” says Cori-Anne, Stasyia’s mother. Meet 12-year-old Stasyia. … Read More

Meet Jameson

Transforming Lives: Jameson’s Journey with CTC-CK Imagine a 4-year-old boy with an infectious smile, a love for music, and a knack for making friends. Meet Jameson, whose exuberance lights up every room he enters. However, behind that smile lay subtle signs—walking on tip-toes and speech delays—that concerned his mother, Ashleigh. At a young age, Jameson’s mom, Ashleigh, noticed he was … Read More

Meet Arlo

Arlo’s Journey: Finding Joy and Support at the CTC At just 2 years old, Arlo was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, bringing with it a host of challenges—delayed speech, feeding difficulties, and sensory obstacles. The journey to understanding his condition was arduous, but the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) stood steadfastly by our side throughout. The CTC became our beacon of … Read More

Meet Marco

Marco’s Journey: Finding Joy and Support at CTC-CK In the halls of the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent (CTC-CK), Marco’s infectious energy and radiant personality are a constant presence. As parents of a child deeply connected with CTC-CK’s services, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to donors like you. Our son, Marco, embodies the essence of joy—a vibrant, fun-loving 10-year-old whose … Read More

Meet Kevin

Kevin’s Unstoppable Journey: Finding Joy and Hope at CTC From the moment Kevin entered our lives as a tiny baby, the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) became an integral part of our story. Kevin was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, and though initially, it felt like our world was turned upside down, time has revealed his perfection in every way … Read More

Meet Teddy

When the pandemic first started, the Children’s Treatment Centre’s respite services were put on pause, like many other services across Chatham-Kent. The CTC-CK recognized how valuable respite services are for families and it was important to find a way to begin providing this service again. With a lot of problem solving, brain storming, and thinking outside of the box, respite … Read More

Meet Chord

Chord is a unique and rare name for a rare and unique 8-year-old. A music chord is a collection of three notes. After struggling to start a family we choose the name Chord to symbolize our family of three. Little did we know that music would play such a large part in the early years of his life. Chord has … Read More

Meet Rachel

Rachel's pic

It’s been almost 4 months since the pandemic brought everything to a standstill, and families have had to adjust schedules and adapt to a different kind of new normal. And for some families, like Andrew and Kelly Cleveland whose daughter Rachel has cerebral palsy, that meant additional challenges including changing to a virtual setting for therapy sessions. When the Children’s … Read More

Meet Oakley

Meet Oakley who recently turned two!  Oakley loves playing with her big sister Harper, water play, visiting the park to go on the swings and exploring the world in her wheelchair. Oakley has spina bifida and hydrocephalus and has had six major surgeries.  On the day she was born she had a surgery to repair the opening in her spine. … Read More

Meet Bentley

In 2016 at 8 months old, Bentley was diagnosed with MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome, a rare, progressive neurological disorder that primarily affects boys. Most people with this condition have low muscle tone in infancy, feeding difficulties, poor or absent speech, seizures that may not improve with treatment, delayed development of motor skills such as sitting and walking. “We were told our … Read More