Meet Jameson

Transforming Lives: Jameson’s Journey with CTC-CK

Imagine a 4-year-old boy with an infectious smile, a love for music, and a knack for making friends. Meet Jameson, whose exuberance lights up every room he enters. However, behind that smile lay subtle signs—walking on tip-toes and speech delays—that concerned his mother, Ashleigh.

At a young age, Jameson’s mom, Ashleigh, noticed he was walking on his tip-toes and had some speech delays. Ashleigh reached out to the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent (CTC-CK) early and, after thorough assessment, Jameson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

“I truly appreciate everyone at the Children’s Treatment Centre who helped us initially identify Jameson’s needs and who still support me today.” Ashleigh, Jameson’s mom

From the initial diagnosis to ongoing therapy sessions, Jameson and his family found a community at CTC-CK—a network of therapists, social workers, and families navigating similar paths. The Summer Play Dates program provided a haven for Jameson to play and for Ashleigh to connect with parents sharing similar experiences.

“Jameson has grown through his time with the CTC-CK. It’s a very special place in our hearts.” expresses Ashleigh.

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