Meet Arlo

Arlo’s Journey: Finding Joy and Support at the CTC

At just 2 years old, Arlo was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, bringing with it a host of challenges—delayed speech, feeding difficulties, and sensory obstacles. The journey to understanding his condition was arduous, but the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) stood steadfastly by our side throughout.

The CTC became our beacon of hope. With their guidance, Arlo’s physical discomfort significantly eased within weeks through dedicated physiotherapy sessions. When solid foods became a struggle, Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy came to our rescue, addressing his feeding issues and continuing to support him through delays in fine motor skills and speech.

The therapists at CTC created a nurturing and supportive environment, providing Arlo with a safe space to grow and learn comfortably. Despite working at the CTC, my professional role faded when I stepped into the shoes of a mom with a special needs child. Yet, my colleagues embraced me as a mother in need of help and support. Their patience, explanations, and unwavering guidance were priceless in our journey.

CTC’s offerings extend far beyond therapy. Physiotherapy facilitated Arlo’s access to an adapted bike, a joy that fills his heart. The thoughtfully designed CTC pool, with its warmer waters, allows Arlo to focus on movement without worry. The Center’s layout ensures that children of all abilities can engage in various activities—a testament to their inclusive approach.

Witnessing Arlo embrace life’s joys, big and small, has been a source of immense happiness for our family. As parents and caregivers, we’ve seen Arlo flourish, experiencing the wonders of life under the nurturing care of CTC.

To all parents and caregivers out there, I urge you: if you have any concerns about your child, reach out to the CTC. A dedicated team awaits to support and guide you through your journey. Simply making that call can open doors to a world of assistance and care.

Warm regards,

Melissa Gillett Special Mom to Arlo