Meet Stasyia

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“Imagine the difference we can make together. Stasyia’s journey of recovery and growth, her current joys and future prospects, have been shaped by the generosity of people like you. It’s about giving children the chance to live their best lives,” says Cori-Anne, Stasyia’s mother.

Meet 12-year-old Stasyia.
Diagnosed with Down Syndrome and later facing the challenges of an acquired brain injury, Stasyia has shown the true meaning of resilience and joy. With a passion for swimming that rivals any fish, she also possesses a unique blend of eloquence, helpfulness, humor, and a dash of delightful stubbornness.

The staff at the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTC) are truly wonderful.
The family’s journey with CTC began shortly after Stasyia was born, and it has been their beacon of hope ever since. CTC has not just been a place for therapy; it has been their extended family. From services including Occupational, Physiotherapy, Speech, and Recreational Therapies, to the uplifting sessions of Music Therapy, every step has been about discovering Stasyia’s potential and nurturing it.

The family found a community of support.
But it’s not just Stasyia who has found support and growth; as a family, they have been embraced by a community that understands their journey. The CTC’s programs, including the Parent Support Group and activities designed for the entire family, have been invaluable. They have taught them to see beyond the diagnosis, to fight for moments of joy and triumph in the midst of challenges.

Most dear to their hearts is the CTC’s support for siblings; ensuring they are supported and included, is very important to the family. Their youngest, Marika, has learned to be an advocate for her sister, understanding her world with empathy and courage. It’s a testament to the Centre’s approach to working together.

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They thank you.
For giving Stasyia and other kids and their families a life of options, choices, and abilities.
Cori-Anne, Stasyia, Marika, and Jeffrey