Meet Teddy

When the pandemic first started, the Children’s Treatment Centre’s respite services were put on pause, like many other services across Chatham-Kent. The CTC-CK recognized how valuable respite services are for families and it was important to find a way to begin providing this service again. With a lot of problem solving, brain storming, and thinking outside of the box, respite services have been able to resume at the CTC-CK! Our respite workers have been adaptable, patient, and flexible and while services do look a little different than before, we hope this new way still provides the same goals and opportunities it always has for families.

Respite services provides short-term relief for primary caregivers. In the past, respite services took place at the client’s home or out in the community. Currently, the CTC-CK is offering drop-off style respite at the Centre. To determine if you are eligible for respite services, talk to your child’s clinician/ therapist.

Teddy’s Story
Teddy and his family have been using respite services since September 2019 and have shared their experience with respite services.

“Teddy has been receiving respite services since September 2019 and it immediately changed our world. Our respite worker, Beth, has treated Teddy like a part of her family since day one. His eyes light up every time he sees her, and it’s one of the greatest blessings. Respite has allowed our family to rest after illnesses, run errands without the hassle of bringing and entertaining children, and most importantly, has given us the chance to spend extra one on one time with our older son, William. In the face of the pandemic, the Centre has come up with new ideas and options to help out families who are in desperate need of a few hours break but require the certainty of knowing their children are safe during respite. Our lives changed so much since the introduction of Beth and respite services. Everyone looks forward to a few hours of change each week, and the Centre has not disappointed yet. I couldn’t be more grateful for this service and it’s just as evident in Teddy’s eyes when he sees Beth.”